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Episode #31 - The Beggars Best of 2013
February 20, 2014 08:23 PM PST
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Well here is my first official episode on Paddy Rock Radio and what a great one it is. I present to you with 'The Beggars' Best of 2013. This was quite the episode in the making, some people use voting, some people use request lists I use my own opinions. Not to say what the people think doesn't matter or that my opinions are best! Sometimes I don't have all of the music people want me to include, sometimes I don't get sufficient response from the listeners. So I take what I have, and base my best of list on how much I listened to it and most importantly, enjoyed it.

I have tried like Hell to be unbiased in my judgments, and trust me it is damn difficult as I have made many friends and there are a tremendous amount of amazing albums. So I pretty much based it on playability and replayability aka how much I listened to it. Some albums came out early in the year and I listened the snot out of them, some came out too late and I didn't get to hear it enough. Some albums really hit home with me or touched on a soft spot. Like I say, nothing fancy here just my opinion.

So to help commemorate my new home here at Paddy Rock Radio the kind folks at Shamrock Fest have provided us with a promo code for tickets. So if you are planning on going but have not got your tickets yet, use the promo code to save $5, what the heck, that's an extra pint at the festival ! Speaking of Shamrock Fest, make sure you listen to the Podcast all the way through, within this episode you will find the opportunity to score yourself a pair of free tickets. So enough of this blathering, here is my Best of 2013. The entire list will be posted separately in the next day or so.

Slainte ~ Phil

For the entire Best of 2013 List head to the following URL:

'The Beggars Best' of 2013 Playlist:

1. The Ramshackle Army - Letters From The Road Less Travelled
One Tree Hill
2. The Ramshackle Army - Letters From The Road Less Travelled
Broken White Lines
3. Young Dubliners - Nine 9 Naoi
We The Mighty
4. Dulahan - 88 Years
I'll Be Gone Tonight
5. Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers - The Broken Pavement of Avondale
Pope of The Windy City
6. Poor Angus - Gathering
Shores of The Bay
7. Emish - Sparkle
Poor Wayfaring Stranger
8. The Cloves and The Tobacco - The Day with no Sun
Cornellius Street
9. 1916 - Stand Up and Fight
Irish & Proud
10. Celkilt - Everyday’s St Patrick’s Day!
Everyday’s St Patrick’s Day!
11. Ferocious Dog - Self Titled
Hell Hounds
12. The Tosspints - Have You Been Drinking?
Blood or Whskey
13. Between The Wars - Won't Go Quietly
First Train Out
14. The Lagan - Where’s Your Messiah Now?
Work Away
15. The Dead Rabbits - Tiocfaidh Ar La (Our Day Will Come)
Hold your Breath
16. The Vandon Arms - No Loyalty Among Thieves
One Hell of a Night
17. Cutthroat Shamrock - A Path Less Travelled
There Is a Time
18. The Tossers - Emerald City
Johnny McGuire's Wake
19. Lexington Field - Now Mans War
Here's To You
20. Sir Reg - 21st Century Loser
All The Remains
21. Brick Top Blaggers - 2 Years Enough
The Battle of Stirling Bridge
22. The Mudmen - Where I Came From
All The Songs
23. Brillig - I Ain’t Never Gonna See The Sea
Winward Bound
24. The Stubbys Shillelaghs - Celtic-American
25. Old Man Markley - Down Side Up
Blood On My Hands
26. The McGunks - Highlights for Low Lifes
Working on Another Hangover
27. Gord Taylor - Gord Taylor Featuring Patrick Kaczor-Santos
Up On a Motorbike
28. The Dropkick Murhpys - Signed and Sealed in Blood
Rose Tattoo
29. Gord Taylor - Gord Taylor Featuring Patrick Kaczor-Santos
Aw Canada

The Grinning Beggar Presents: John Carey of Old Man Markley
January 24, 2014 01:17 PM PST
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Back in June of 2013 I went to what was beyond a doubt the best tour of the whole year; The Dropkick Murphys, The Mahones and Old Man Markley. To say that this event was awesome does not even begin to do proper justice. After the show though I was fortunate enough to catch up with John Carey of Old Man Markley where we got to speak of the roots of the band, life on the road and a variety of other topics. So here you have it The Grinning Beggar presents: John Carey of Old Man Markley.

The Playlist:

1. Guts n' Teeth
2. Train of Thought
3. Killing Time
4. For Better For Worse
5. Beyond The Moon
5. In A Circle Going Round
6. Up Side Down
7. Living and Learning
8. Hand Me Down
9. Do Me Like You Do
10. Blood On My Hands

Episode #30 - The Third Annual Celtic Christmas
December 15, 2013 02:25 PM PST
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Well ladies and gentlemen it would appear that Christmas is only a few short weeks away. Christmas time means many things to people; for some its a joyous occasion while for others it brings sadness.

Whatever the effect, I am not here to try to convince you otherwise. I am here to provide you with some really great Christmas music.. And in true Beggar fashion I have done this and in doing so covered the spectrum. So this my friends is my final gift of 2013 for you, my 3rd Annual Celtic Christmas Podcast stuffed full on songs about drinking, thinking, being broke, cold and alone, songs about Jesus and Angels and Joy. We have some Celtic Punk, some Bagpipes, some Scottish, some Irish and even some Galacian (look it up!), even some Japanese.

With that being said, let this Podcast give you what you whatever need to get through this Christmas season and into the New Year safely and smiling.  Thank you for all of your continued support and kind words through the year and I will see you in 2014 with some Rad new tricks!

This Podcast is being dedicated to Jimmys Pub, my Aunt Marie (RIP) who kept the spirit of Christmas alive and my long time friend Scott. DSG if it were not for you I'd have lost the spirit long ago. Thanks for keeping the faith !

Slainte ~ Phil

The Playlist is as follows:

01. The Langer's Ball - 1913 Massacre

02. The Pogues - Ferrytale of New York
03. Belfast Muslims - Christmas Lullaby
04. The Mahones - Angel Without Wings
05. Lexington Field - Cherry Moonshine
06. The Gobshites - Christmas Eve in The Boozer
07. Finnegan's Hell - Drunken Christmas
08. Poor Angus - The Gathering
09. Mithril - Galacian Carol
10. John McGaha - Gloucestershire Wassail
11. The Irish Rovers - Bells Over Belfast
12. Marc Gunn - Christmas in Scotland
13. Shauna Burns - Carol of The Bells
14. Dropkick Murphys - The Season's Upon Us
15. The Killigans - Cold Outside
16. The Wild Colonial Bhoys - Santa See You Tonight
17. The Narrowbacks - Prodigal Son (I'll Be Home for Christmas)
18. The Cold Shots - Count Your Blessings
19. Larry Kirwan feat Ashley Davis - Happy Xmas (War is Over)
20. Shanneyganock  - Christmastime in Newfoundland
21. The Barra MacNeils - Christmas Ceilidh
22. Shanneyganock - The Wren
23. Eddie Coffey - Christmas Morn in Newfoundland
24. Shanneyganock  - Rusty Chevrolet
25. Reg Watkins - Mummer's Party Jig
26. Stand Rogers - First Christmas
27. Boston Blackthorn - Christmas in Pittsburgh, 1943
28. The Makem & Spain Brothers - I Heard The Bells
29. The High Kings - Driving Home For Christmas
30. Seamus Kennedy - Jogging Along With My Reindeer
31. The Gleasons - Irish Holiday
32. Rathkeltair - Silent Night
33. Cherish The Ladies - Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
34. Highland Bagpipes - Little Drummer Boy
35. Emish - O Come O Come Emmanuel
36. Damien Dempsey - Oh Holy Night
37. The Cherry Coke$ - Auld Lang Syne
38. Jasper Coal - The Parting Glass

Episode #29 - Fight!
December 02, 2013 02:00 AM PST
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Well Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas is well on its way and for many of us the cold weather is here to stay a while.. So what does this mean you may ask? Well first off it signifies the launch of my annual Pledge Drive. I may not be Tiny Tim but this Beggar needs a little help from time to time too.. And now is the time. Go to and click the donate button to help

It means tired crowded malls, crying kids, angry spouses, credit card bills, final exams, heating bills, extra groceries and the list goes on. To be frank it can be enough to make a person wanna throw the towel in cry sometimes. But do we..? nay. WE FIGHT ON..!

And that is what this episode is all about, Fighting the Good Fight. I have lined up some excellent songs about pressing forward, not quitting and not giving up. I am sure with support like this Christmas will be a snap this year.

I also throw out a few PSA's for some very noteworthy causes.

#1. Help Sir Reg win the bandit award go to their website or facebook page.
#2. Make sure you check out the Celtic Pink Ribbon, listen and win the CD.
#3. Black 47 is putting together their final album and looking for support.

Now with all the said I want you to lace up them boot, make sure you got them knucks on solid and when I say so... Come out swinging!

Cover Photo was borrowed from Skygraphx -

Cheers and thanks for listening ~ Phil

The Play List is as follows:

The Street Dogs - Fighter
The Ramshackle Army - Boys from County Hell
Black 47 - Bobby Sands MP
Dulahan - Son of The Irish Heroes
The Irish Nails - Win Some, Loose Some
Dropkick Murphys - Barroom Hero
The Lagan - Same Shit Different Night
The Standfields - The Road to Guysborough
The Tossers - Wherever You Go
The Mudmen - Never Quit
The Fisticuffs - Fired Up
Sir Reg - Dying To Rebel
Brick Top Blaggers - Quitters Never Win
Emish - The Good Fight
Highland Reign - Carry On
Mighty Ploughboys - Stand Tall
Pints and Pipes - Fight the Fight
Lexington Field - Rest of Our Days
Kilmaine Saints - Battle Cry
Neck - Come Out Fighting
1916 - Knock 'Em Out
Carbon Leaf - The Boxer
Rovers Ahead - One Mad Night at The Pub
Albannach - The Uprising
Sons of Malarkey - Ye Jacobites
The Black Tartan Clan - White Crosses
Bill Grogan's Goat - Come Out Ye Black and Tans
The Young Dubliners - We The Mighty
Flogging Molly - Float
Dropkick Murphys - Tessie (Old Timey Baseball Version)

Episode #28 - 3rd Annual Talk Like a Pirate Day Soundtrack
September 18, 2013 09:15 PM PDT
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Yo Ho Beggars and Miscreants !

If you have found me then you have found your way home..! This be the 3rd annual voyage of the SS Grinning Beggar join me as we set sail to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day. In addition to leagues of noteworthy music of epic proportion. Me first mate and meself, Captain Philthy McBastard, present for you 'A Pirates Night Before Christmas'. So do what you must, but get your priorities in order the pirates be coming and there be nothing you can do about it ! Arrrgh

A Special thanks to The Dread Crew of Oddwood for the brilliant introduction this year !

The Playlist is as Follows:

1. Dread Crew of Oddwood - Kraken Skulls
2. Dread Crew of Oddwood - Flotsam Epitaph
3. Ahead to the Sea - Ahead to the Sea
4. The Stubby Shillelaghs - Bound For Virginia
5. Mackeel - Heaved Away
6. The Barley Boys - The Silver King
7. The Fighting Jamesons - The Ghost Ship Baltimore
8. Happy Ol' McWeasel - Drunken Sailor
9. Muirsheen Durkin & Friends - Santy Anno
10. Paddy & The Rats - The Captain's Dead
11. Brick Top Blaggers - Walk The Plank Again
12. The Stanfields - Mrs. McGrath
13. Cutthroat Shamrock - Dead Wind
14. Flatfoot 56 - Battle of the Bones
15. Flogging Molly - Salty Dog (Live)
16. The Rumjacks - Black Matilda
17. Real McKenzies - Barrett's Privateers
18. The Dreanoughts - Old Maui
19. The Lagan - The Good Ship Lagan
20 Roughneck Riot - Mutiny
21. Sir Reg - Capn's Jig
22. Great Big Sea - Captain Kidd (Live)
23. The Pogues - Turkish Song of The Damned
24. Hoist The Colors - The Curse of Blackbeard Lavoie
25. Kilamine Saints - Brave Yankee Boy
26. Dropkick Murhphys - I'm Shipping Up To Boston
27. Brilling - The Old Captain
28. The Makem and Spain Bros - Tavern Down BY The Harbor
29. Alestorm - Shipwrecked

The Grinning Beggar Presents: An Interview with Murder The Stout
September 04, 2013 02:21 PM PDT
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Back in March of 2013 I was invited to attend Shamrock Fest in Washington DC and a grand time was had. One of the best parts was my meeting and subsequent interview with Murder The Stout. They are incredible musicians with personalities to match. So what you have here is the interview that I conducted with Hugh Morrison and Neil DuFour. If you ever get the chance to get out and see these Murder The Stout I highly recommend it.

The Playlist is as follows:

1. 6 o'Clock Swill
2. Irish Rover
3. Troosers
4. Streams of Whiskey
5. Siege Of Ennis
6. Whiskey In The Jar
7. Sound The Pibroch
8. That's Just Me

As always thanks for listening.

Feedback and be sent to Phil -

The Grinning Beggar Presents: A Conversation with Leo Moran of The Saw Doctors
June 04, 2013 09:17 AM PDT
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When presented with an opportunity to conduct an interview with a band or musician I never think twice and immediately jump right on it.

In March of 2013 I was presented to speak with Leo Moran from the group The Saw Doctors. Holy Crap!, I thought the Saw Doctors! So once again, "Yes!" was my answer and off I went on a moments notice.

For those of you who have met me know that words flow freely from my mouth, often times way too freely. This day though, I was actually at a loss for words if you can believe it!

What took place though was a very candid and cool conversation with a true legend from the world of Irish Music. Without a doubt Leo Moran and The Saw Doctors have affected the way we hear music today and I am honored and humbled to have had the chance to sit down and speak with him.

Perhaps next time my tongue and brain will function together! My thanks goes out to Ollie Jennings, Anita from Daly Communications and Leo Moran for his time.

Go raibh míle maith agaibh


The Playlist is as follows:

1. What A Day
2. Green and Red of Mayo
3. N17
3. I Useta Lover
4. Friday Town
5. Tommy K
6. Still The Only One
7. Music I love
8. Joyce Country Ceili Band
9. I Hope You Meet Again
10. Sing a Powerful Song

Episode #27 - A Soundtrack for Festival Season
May 17, 2013 07:33 AM PDT
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Well school is finally over for myself and a lot of other folks. It's time to get back to business as usual, and it could not come at a better time. The weather is finally warming up, the grass is growing and festival season begins!

Over the past few months I have acquired some really great music and it's time to unleash it onto your awaiting earholes! Hope you have been as anxious as me to be rocked cause its about to start now!

As an added bonus you will find a short interview that I had with Nico and the rest of the folks from Celkilt back at ShamrockFest back in March of this year.

So what you have here is the accumulation of some of the best Celtic Rock and Punk from across the planet. Use it as guide, use it as a soundtrack, use it for anything you like just enjoy it! And make sure you get your arses out to some festivals this summer!

Thanks for waiting everyone I am glad Hell to be back.

Cheers ~ Phil

The Playlist is as follows:

1. Irish Nails - Southbound
2. Irish Nails - Win Some, Loose Some
3. Lexington Field - Here's To You
4. The Mudmen - Where I Come From
5. The Royal Spuds - Malt In
6. Muirshen Duirken & Friends - Irish Pub Song
7. Celkilt - Everyday is St. Patrick's Day
8. The Lagan - Same Shite Different Night
9. The Fatty Farmers - With Head Held High
10. Carbon Leaf - The Donnybrook Affair
11. Enter The Haggis - Balto
12. Rathkeltair - The Ballad of Colonel John Macintosh
13. Connemara Stone Company - Turning Away
14. The Whisky Priests - Alice in Wonderland
15. The Dead Rabbits - The Race
16. The Cloves and The Tabacco - Raise Your Glass
17. Casting Ships - Old Timer
18. Vandon Arms - Solid Ground
19. Uncle Hammish and The Hooligans - Slainte M'Hath
20. Skinny Lister - Polkas (Jenny Lind/Girl in a Blue Dress)
21. Between The Wars - First Train Out
22. Sir Reg - Walking Into Doors
23. The Killigans - Take Me Back
24. Craic - Toss The Penny
25. The Tossers - Wherever You Go
26. Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers - The Road I Walk
27. Old Man Markely - Train of Thought
28. The Mahones - Pint of No Return
29. Dropkick Murhpys - Rose Tattoo

The Grinning Beggar Presents: Blaggards, Live from Scranton, PA
April 12, 2013 10:11 PM PDT
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Back in the beginning of March Blaggards came to the East Coast of the United States. During their trip the stopped by Kildares Irish Pub in Scanton PA. to perform a benefit for the Scranton Celtic Fesitval. Not only did they tear they house down, they saved a little bit so they could talk to me afterwards and here you have the result. Hope you enjoy listening as much as I did talking to these folks. They will be back in Scranton, PA May 18-19, 2013 for The Scranton Celtic Festival, come on out and enjoy a really great time.! Big thanks to Seth Miller for the great photo took at the show which is the cover art for this Podcast.

As always thanks for listening !


The Track listing is as follows:

1. Big Strong Man
2. Prison Love Songs
3. Irish Rover
4. Wild Rover
5. Suspicious Minds
6. Bog Songs
7. Slappers Medley

Episode 26 - St Patrick's Day Tradcast
March 15, 2013 08:29 PM PDT
itunes pic

Welcome to my 3rd Annual St Patrick's Day podcast.. This year I thought long and hard on how to approach it and I decided to go with all traditional music for this years Podcast. We have some old fellas doing their own songs, some young fellas paying the proper respects and some other fellas blazing new trails to what I feel is pretty damn close to traditional songs. What you have is just over 45 songs, and anout 3 hours of songs about love, lust, longing for home, being broke, being beaten and never giving up..! Welcome Irish History 101. With it being so close to Easter I have hidden an Easter Egg in my Podcast, first person to find my mistake and email it to me will win a brand spanking new Grinning Beggar Podcast T-Shirt - the address is I am also continuing my annual pledge drive, any donations can be made at - Thanks for incuding me in your St. Patrick's Day festivities. Slainte !!

The playlist is as follows:

1. The Elders - Men of Erin
2. The Bog Hoppers - Cod Liver Oil
3. The Fighting Jamesons - Tell Me Ma'
4. Young Dubliners - Weila Waile
5. The Town Pants - Whisley You're The Devil
6. The Tossers - Seven Drunken Nights
7. The Pubcrawlers - Finnegan's Wake
8. Shillaly Brothers - I'm a Man You Don't Meet Everyday
9. Shane MacGowan & The Popes - The Rising of The Moon
10. Band of Rogues - Ballyvaughn
11. The Prodigals - Bunch of Red Roses
12. The Mickey Finns - Tanks and Barbed Wire
13. The Dubliners - The Town I loved So Well
14. The Irish Rovers - The Orange and The Green
15. The Punters - Take Her In Your Arms
16. Keltic Kats - Back Home in Derry
17. The Peelers - Sons of Molly
18. Green Carnation - 6 Ribbons
19. The Chieftans w/ The Corrs - I know My Love
20. Donal Clancy Reels Jackie Fitzpatrick's / The Boy in The Boat
21. Ed Reavy - The Swans at Coole
22. Frank Thornton - Tom ASh's March / Freedom March
23. Clancy's Pistol - Christys Jib / Wind The Shakes the Barley
24. Kilmaine Saints - Go on Home British Soldiers
25. The Stoutment - The Merry Ploughboy
26. The Kreelers - Boys Of The Old Brigade
27. The Jolly Beggarmen - Sean South from Garryowen
28. The Fenians - Rebel Sons of Erin
29. Neck - Spancil Hill
30. The Lagan - Fields of Athenry
31. Handsome Yopung Strangers - Bound for South Australian
32. David Kincaid - The Irish Volunteer
33. Mick Maloney - Pat Murhpy of The Irish Brigade
34. The Irish Descendents - Rattlin Bog
35. Hadrian's Wall - The Jolly Tinker Boy Mix
36. Blaggards - Irish Rover
37. Finbar Furey - Oro Oro
38. Kevin McCormack - Belfast Mill
39. The Langer's Ball - Crooked Jack
40. Celtic Rebel Band - Mick McGuire
41. Seamus Kennedy - The Old Dun Cow
42. Black Irish Band - A Nation Once Again
43. Belfast Muslims Roddy Mc Corley
44. Barley Boys - Black and Tans
45. Blood or Whiskey - Follow Me up To Carlow / Holt's Way
46. Birmingham Six - Johnson's Motorcar
47. The Clancy Brothers - The Rebellion of 1916

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